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Providing high-quality access to childcare education

Creative Montessori Learning Center is a childcare facility located in East Palo Alto. CMLC has served our community for over 50 years. CMLC isn’t new, but we are good. We are tried and tested. CMLC is open to all families regardless of race, ethnicity, or status. More than 90% of the staff has worked at CMLC for 10 years or more. We are honored to serve generations of families.

Our Mission Statement

It is our responsibility to attend to every student’s needs with our cooperation, understanding, and dedication. We must provide them with proper education, guidance, and support that will strengthen their foundations for their future endeavors.

Our Vision Statement

The Vision of Creative Montessori Learning Center (CMLC) is to provide a comprehensive education where children learn to be independent, thinkers, and to make their own choices. Our community thrives on mutual care, respect, and trust between the children, parents, and teachers to support the academic development of every child, while facilitating a relationship with the environment and empowering every student to be an agent of change for life.

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