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  • FREE Choice. The child is free to choice those materials or "jobs" he or she wishes and is ready for.
  • Classes are not set up by age or ability.
  • The child is free to move about the classroom.
  • Montessori materials develop the child's ability to use all their senses.
  • Montessori curriculum teaches concepts using concrete materials. It includes math, language, geography, botany, and science.
  • Montessori materials are self-correcting.
  • Children are not interrupted by teachers in the classroom.
  • Montessori materials are organized in a sequence.
  • Montessori emphasizes cooperation rather then competition.
  • Montessori children teach each other.
  • A child may choose to work with a job as long as he or she likes.
  • Montessori materials provide opportunities for learning a variety of concepts in a single task or job.
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